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Going through my teen years overweight and confused about type 1 diabetes, I know how it feels to feel out of control and like you want to hide. 

All of the below products and services are specifically designed to help you clear up confusion, gain control and feel confident in your body and your decisions in all areas of your health including your diet, your type 1 diabetes management and your lifestyle.


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TWEAK Online Video Consults

Weightloss/Nutrition/Exercise/T1D & Blood Sugar Management

These sessions will help you work through and get guidance on nutrition, weightloss, blood sugars, exercise, sleep or overall health! I will help you make small tweaks, find clarity and understanding around the issues you’re facing and the goals you’re trying to meet.


Some things we can work on together include (but aren't limited to):

  • Dietary guidance and adjustments to help you eat in a way that is enjoyable but also helps you meet your goals e.g. weightloss / muscle building / improving your bgls

  • Nailing your insulin dosages/settings so they are right for you and give you better blood sugars

  • Exercise programming and guidance to get you fit, strong and reduce insulin resistance

  • Guidance on sleep habits so you wake up rested & recovered

  • Coaching throughout all areas to improve your mindset and reduce anxiety, fear, shame and confusion

$110AUD initial consult

$85AUD follow up consults


$770AUD follow up consults 10 session pack


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THR1VE Membership

Online Health Membership for women with Type 1 Diabetes who want continuous support at a low cost. Whether your goal is weightloss, improving your blood sugars or just overall health & fitness with Type 1 Diabetes, THR1VE will help you stay on track to your goals with Recipes, monthly LIVE group trainings and more!

$32AUD per month

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Carb Counting Masterclass

In this Online Masterclass, I help simplify Carb Counting so you can gain back the confidence you may have lost around food and Type 1 Diabetes. Learn the tools and strategies to feel super confident in Carb Counting and ditch the overwhelm you might be feeling about it right now. My goal as a T1D Nutritionist is to have you eating a variety of foods without fear, guilt or anxiety - and with the confidence that you know how to bolus for them all!

$45AUD lifetime access


The Better Bolusing Guide digital pic.png

The Better Bolusing Guide


Say goodbye to guessing your insulin dosages & cutting out your favourite foods! This guide will help you bolus with confidence and regain food freedom.

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The Basal Basics Guide


If you love longer workouts that target your whole body - this program will give you just that! Work out your whole body 3 times a week for approx 60-90mins per session.



Empowering Health Podcast


A podcast for women with Type 1 Diabetes who struggle with their weight, food relationship, blood sugars, and overall confidence. This podcast will help you level-up and take ownership of your health and your life with Type 1 Diabetes.



6-Day Split Workout Program


Perfect if you're short on time but want to work out consistently! This program splits up your workouts so you will target a different area of your body in each 30-40 min session

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3-Day Full Body Workout Program


If you love longer workouts that target your whole body - this program will give you just that! Work out your whole body 3 times a week for approx 60-90mins per session.

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