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Choc Honeycomb Protein Latte

Ingredients (blend these first)

25g Choc Honeycomb Protein Powder (Bulk Nutrients)

150ml Cold Water

Few shakes of salt

Remaining Ingredients (add these to initial mixture)

White Chocolate/Chocolate Sugarfree Flavour Drops (My Protein UK)

Desired amount of coffee

A full kettle’s worth of boiling water


1. Blend first batch of ingredients first to make sure the protein powder doesn’t curdle and blends through properly.

2. Add remaining ingredients to initial mixture and blend until frothy.

Yep.. that’s it! Caffeinated gains in under 5 minutes.. winning!

Nutrition Per Serve

Serves: 4 (large glasses with extra water added to cool)

1.2g C

5g P

0.5g F 

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