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Berry Coconut Chia Pudding


30g Chia Seeds

80g Banana (sliced)

100g Frozen Mixed Berries

150ml Unsweetened Almond Milk

50g Natural Greek Yoghurt

5g Dessicated Coconut

Ground Cinnamon & Cloves (to taste)


1. Add desired amount of cinnamon and cloves to chia seeds and pour almond milk over the top, mixing until all chia seeds are submerged under milk.

2. Add the sliced banana to the chia mix and leave it to absorb the milk and thicken.

3. In the mean time, microwave the frozen berries until they release a large amount of juice and are very soft and warm.

4. Microwave chia mix until bananas are caramelised and all of the chia is warmed through.

5. Put the greek yoghurt in the centre of the chia and pour the berries along with their juices over the top, finishing by sprinkling the desiccated coconut over the top. 

Nutrition Per Serve

Serves: 1

36g C

12g P

21g F 

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