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Hey you!

I'm Andi,

Type 1 Diabetes Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

I coach women with Type 1 Diabetes on Nutrition, Weightloss, Blood Sugar Management, Exercise and Mindset, to help them feel confident in their bodies and their decisions.

I have lived with Type 1 Diabetes for over 21 years and have worked as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Adelaide, Australia for years prior to establishing Empowering Health (formerly Fit Little Peanut Nutrition) in 2016.

In my teen years, I spent over 10 years after diagnosis overweight, confused and hating my life, resenting Type 1 Diabetes. Until I realised I could take back control. And you can too!

So rest assured, I know exactly what it's like having BIG goals while trying to manage a chronic condition... and I can help you achieve the health and confidence you've always wanted.

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Ask yourself this...

Do you need help to make a change?

Unsure of how much or what you should be eating?

Does Type 1 Diabetes make a rude appearance during your daily activities?

Do highs and lows stop you from living life how you'd like to?

Does every day with Type 1 Diabetes feel 'random' to you?

Do you want to get more active but don't know what exercise is best for someone type 1 diabetes?

Have you tried multiple diets or exercise, but struggle to see results?

Are you confused by all of the information about diets and exercise in the media? 

Do you miss sleeping the whole night through, without being woken by highs or lows?

Do you struggle with Confidence in yourself and your decisions around food & t1d?

Empowering Health programs and services help you build confidence and trust in yourself. They remind you of how capable you are of losing weight, eating healthy, and taking control of your blood sugars.. and show you exactly how to do that in a way that is SUSTAINABLE and ENJOYABLE for you!

All Empowering Health products & services are 100% online and specifically designed for women with Type 1 Diabetes who want to lose weight, improve their diet, get more active, gain confidence and improve t1d management. 

If you're lacking confidence and want to feel empowered and capable of improving your own health on your own terms, then click the button below to get started!

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Click the videos below to watch coaching testimonials

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